Monday, October 15, 2018


1. Attendance / Announcements

2. Conkers!

3.  Puzzlers!


1. Finish Plague Letters

2. Horrible Histories

3. Plague Trivia!

Learning Goal:  Conquer spelling! 

Homework: Study spelling flashcards

Plan for the day:
1. Trade and Grade Parts of Speech quiz
2. Mad Libs! 
3. Spelling
4. IR book check-in

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


1. Attendance / Announcements

2. Digital Media lesson

3. Popcorn Party!

Learning Goal: Show your new knowledge of Parts of Speech!
Homework: Read your IR book - at least 20 minutes! You have FOUR days!

Plan for today: 

1. Quiz on Parts of Speech / IR book

2. Print out Mad Libs


1. Improve your answers on the front.

2. Give the definition of each word on the back

3. On the back, or on a separate piece of paper, explain WHY your book is in the Friends/Family category? What is happening in your story that has to do with friends and/or family connections? Give examples to PROVE your reasons.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is in the Friends category of stories because it is about how the dwarfs helped their friend Snow White. Also, she helped  them! For example, in the beginning of the story, Snow White is welcomed into their home because she cooks and cleans for them and, in a way, becomes a mothering presence. Then, when she eats the poisonous apple, they care for her body. Both the mothering and the dwarfs' care shows the friendship theme.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018



1. Attendance / Announcements

2. Board Games / Chess/ Zoo Mad Libs!

Image result for old letters

Continue Black Plague unit   

Learning Goal: Witness Parts of Speech in writing!
Homework: Read IR book - 20 minutes - POP QUIZ TOMORROW!

Plan for the day:
1. Improve grades! 
2. Type up poems and Mad Libs

Friday, October 5, 2018



1. Attendance / Announcements

2. Locker clean-out

3. Chess or board games!


1. Finish Crusades unit with a video! 

2. Begin The Plague unit

Learning Goal: Enjoy the Parts of Speech
Homework: Read your IR book for 20 minutes

Plan for the day: 
1. Adverbs!

2. Creative writing

2. Choose your own adventure:
         ~ Write a poem - label parts of speech
         ~ Create a Mad Libs

Poems must be at least ten lines long with at least five words in each line.

Mad Libs must be at least ten sentences long. There must be at least ten blank spots for parts of speech. Add as many animals and other stuff as you like!

When adverbs describe verbs, they describe the way something is happening.

Ms. Street quickly gulped her Diet Pepsi between classes.

The fire alarm made the students suddenly jump with fright.

After hearing about the Gotcha tickets raffle prizes, the students eagerly put their tickets in the raffle box.

On Monday morning, Betsy Sue trudged slowly to school.

Creative Writing:

Choose one sentence from your adverb practice and use it somewhere in your story....

Thursday, October 4, 2018



1. Attendance / Announcements - get finger cover paper ready!

2. Powerschool Check in computer lab 18 - then

INC - Finish Crusades Unit

Learning Goal: Remember introduction elements AND parts of speech!
Homework: Read IR book for 20 minutes

Plan for the day:

1. IR book pop quiz

2. Parts of Speech in poetry

3. Choose your own adventure:
         ~ Write a poem - label parts of speech
         ~ Create a Mad Libs



1. Attendance / Announcements

2. Continue Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey?


The Crusades         

Learning Goal: Nouns! Verbs! Adjectives! Adverbs
Homework: Read IR book for twenty minutes - be ready for pop quiz tomorrow on the introduction!

Plan for today:
Image result for scavenger hunt1. Hand back graded work - don't let me forget!
2. Meditation time.
3. Parts of Speech in poetry Scavenger Hunt 

Tuesday, October 2, 2018



1. Attendance / Announcements
2. Story 

8:55 - Working Wednesday 

If you do NOT have any missing or incomplete assignments, you may:

~ Go to the Student Lounge
~ Play a game in the Middle Gym
~ Stay and read / write / draw by yourself

*** You must choose ONE place and stay there the WHOLE time.

Image result for lamp post in a park

Learning Goal: Practice respectful audience behavior
Homework: None

Plan for the day:

1. Stamp planners
2. Book talk in library with Karl Pryor
3. Check out Independent Reading (IR) book

Independent Reading: (IR)

You will read one book independently - outside of class. 

You will do a final project about the book at the end of the reading time. I will give you the directions on the deadline for finishing your book.

This IR unit is Family andFriendship.

Your book must be finished by Tuesday, the 23rd, of October. 

I will give you final project directions on the 23rd.