Tuesday, December 12, 2017



1. Attendance / Announcements

2. Clean out lockers

3. Library visit


1. Finish Black Plague documentary

2.  Black plague handout

Planner reminder: Work on final draft of Essay / Character symbol

Plan for today:

1. Computer lab  work day!

        While in computer labs: 
              1. Final drafts of paragraphs / essay
              2. Edit with a partner - grammar / punctuation
              3. Character drawing / symbol
              4. Return / Check out book to read over break

Monday, December 11, 2017



1. Attendance / Announcements

2. Power School check! When you are done.... thetypingcat.com

INC - Medieval Studies

1. Medieval /Feudalism Jeopardy

2. The Black Plague documentary

Planner reminder: Rough draft of IR project final draft - 30 minutes - set a timer!

Plan for today:
Rough Draft work time 

If you are finished you may:

1. Revise paragraphs/essay - trade with another student!

2. Check your grading rubric. Have you included all requirements? Could you insert more details and/or quotes?

3. Start handwriting your final draft for paragraphs! 

4. Read book of choice (two people can go to the library at a time to check out books)

Friday, December 8, 2017


Homeroom AND INC!!! 

We will be going to the Upper Library to watch a performance of Romeo and Juliet by Oregon Shakespeare Festival actors!!! 

Planner reminder: Finish IR book / work on rough draft - 30 minutes - set a timer!!

Plan for today:

1. Parts of Speech mini-lesson - 30 minutes

2. IR project work time - 30 minutes


Every name is called a NOUN,
As field and fountainstreet and town

In place of noun the PRONOUN stands
As he and she can clap their hands

The ADJECTIVE describes a thing,
As magic wand and bridal ring

The VERB means action, something done -
To read, to write, to jump, to run

How things are done, the ADVERBS tell,
As quicklyslowlybadlywell

The PREPOSITION shows relation,
As in the street, or at the station

CONJUNCTIONS join, in many ways,
Sentences, words, or phrase and phrase

The INTERJECTION cries out, 'Hark!
I need an exclamation mark!'



1. Attendance / Announcements

2. Digital Media lesson

Planner reminder: Read IR book / work on rough draft for 30 minutes. Set a timer!!

Plan for the day:

1. Read IR book - 15 minutes

2. Grading Rubric

3. Begin rough drafts of:

 "blurb" paragraphs 

 - OR - 

essay introduction/body paragraphs

Thursday, December 7, 2017



1. Attendance / Announcements

2. New Year's Journey posters


1. Finish Feudal Pyramid

2. Medieval / Feudalism Jeopardy!

Planner reminder: Read IR book / Complete Character profile handout DUE TOMORROW

Plan for the day:

1. Read (ten minutes)

2. Finish Character Profile handout

3. YOUR CHOICE:  Read  OR   begin Rough Drafts of paragraphs or essay

Wednesday, December 6, 2017



1. Attendance / Announcements

2. Library visit : - )


1. Feudalism power point presentation

2. Medieval/ Feudalism 101 Jeopardy

Planner reminder: Read IR book/ Finish "Motivations" section of handout

Plan for today:

1. Read IR book - 10 minutes

2. Creative writing  and shares

3. Character profile outline - "Motivations" section

Monday, December 4, 2017



1. Attendance / Announcements

2. Computer lab - check Power School, then try thetypingcat.com  - Not games - COURSES!!!


1. 20 minutes = finish Coats of Arms

2. Introduction to Feudalism!
Image result for shrek castle

Planner reminder: Read IR book / Finish GOALS section of Character Profile handout - Due tomorrow

Plan for today:
1. Read IR book - ten minutes

2. Begin filling out Character handout

3. Creative Writing

It's freezing outside! 

Write a story containing these five words:

Freezing,           slippery,              tick-tock!                 
grimaced          melancholy