Thursday, September 20, 2018


VERY DIFFERENT Assembly Schedule today!

8:40 Attendance
8:45 Peace Assembly - we will walk to the large gym with our pinwheels.
9:50 Core 1
10:45 Core 2
11:35 Lunch
12:15 PCATS 
1:00 Core 3
1:55 Homeroom

Learning Goal: How to create an essay outline
Homework: First two paragraphs of rough draft.

Plan for today:
1. Freak the Mighty Final Essay directions
2. Essay outline

Wednesday, September 19, 2018



1. Attendance / Announcements

2. Finish coloring / creating pinwheels


1. Turn in Feudalism pyramids

2. Heraldry Introduction

Learning Goal: Plot line elements review
Homework: Finish Freak the Mighty!

Plan for today:

1. Creative writing
2. Review Freak the Mighty plot line elements

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1. Attendance / Announcements

2. Game!

3. 9:00 - Working Wednesday

- Missing or Incomplete assignments? Go check in with teacher - stay in THEIR classroom to work on it.
- All work completed?
You have 3 options:
1. Stay in my classroom to read / write / draw silently.
2. Middle Gym: Game with Mr. Carlestonsen
3. Student Lounge: with Mr. Dresser (band teacher)

Wherever you go, YOU MUST STAY THERE THE WHOLE TIME. No Switching!

Learning Goal: Review Plot line  by connecting it to Freak the Mighty
Homework: Finish F T M by Friday!

Plan for today: 

1. Creative Writing
2. Freak the Mighty plot line

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Monday, September 17, 2018



1. Attendance / Announcements

2. Peace day pinwheels creation time!

But first...

why are we doing this? 

What is a pledge?? 

How are YOU "peaceful"?


Last day for Feudalism Pyramid. 

If you are done, I have a middle ages crossword!

Learning Goal: Learning Plot line elements
Homework: Freak The Mighty must be done by Friday

Plan for the day:
1. Hand back graded work
2. Look at exemplars
3. Creative writing
4. Plot line mini lesson 

Personify inanimate objects:  
Write a story about an object's life - what does your bedroom furniture do while you're at school? Or your little brother / sister's action-figures and dolls? The dishes, forks, and spoons in your kitchen? Your bike? Your flip-flops waiting in your closet for summer? Does it get lonely in there? Tell us what happens... ?



1. Attendance / Announcements

2. Peace Day presentation in the upper library (Peace Day is on Friday!)


Continue work on Feudalism Pyramids

Learning Goal: Understanding plot (story) elements
Homework: Finish Freak the Mighty by Friday!

1. Name sticks!

2. Gut reaction!

3. SSR - Silent, Sustained Reading or .... Sit down, Shut up, and Read!  : o )

Gut Reaction also known as  "Stream of Consciousness" free write.

Just like Creative Writing...
- ten minutes 
- we will share

-  Write down your feelings right now about the story we are reading.
- What is your "gut reaction" to the events taking place? 
- Which character are you rooting for? How is the story making you feel? Anxious? Surprised? Curious? Fearful? Relieved? Optimistic? How come?
- Write down any thoughts that come through your mind about the book -- 

Thursday, September 13, 2018



1. Attendance / Announcements

2. Recycling / Powerschool check in LAB 18 


Class code is 86KXQZU

Middle Ages:

Individual work time on Feudal Pyramids!!! 

Learning Goal: Major and Minor Characters
Homework: Chapters 16,17,18,19

1. Hand back graded pop quizzes
2. Pop quiz for Chapters 14,15
3. Major / Minor Characters
3. Language Arts habits self-assessment
4. Catchphrase!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018



1. Announcements
2. Student Lounge

Middle Ages:

1. Finish Feudalism Notes
2. Begin Feudalism Pyramid project

Image result for middle ages countryside

Learning Goal: Exercise reading/writing skills
Homework: Freak the Mighty Chapters 14, 15

Plan for the day:
1. Review pop quiz answers from yesterday
2. Creative writing
3. Silent Reading of Freak the Mighty

Choose one of the following titles for your story. Begin the story that would fit that title....

A is for Attics

B is for Burglar

C is for Compass

Remember: you must be writing the whole time.... you do not have to finish your story!