Sunday, September 27, 2015

Monday, 28th of September, 2015

Happy Monday! 

Plan for Homeroom:Open your planner to today's date - It's in the ORANGE OCTOBER section of your planner.
Write down the best activity you took part in this weekend.

1. Announcements 
2. Attendance / Class connections

Hello INC ers....

In your planner: 

HW for tomorrow: Bring in a controversial news topic you want to debate!
Our plan:
1. Two-team debate 101
2. Practice 

HellooooOOOooooo L.A.

DUE TODAY:  Conflict/Climax/Theme essay

In your planner write:     Finish IR book this week! 

Plan for today:
1. Turn in / Hand back assignments
2. Daily writing
3.  Just Once class reading

Describe a significant person you know (neighbor, coach, teacher, mentor, sibling, cashier, custodian, sweetheart) with as many physical details as possible. 
     Imagine you are describing them to a blind friend.... what are their most striking features... unique details.... 

at least 6 sentences, please.

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