Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Thursday, 1st of October, 2015

Good Morning!

Planner reminder: Do your Language Arts homework  : o )

Plan for today:
1. WAMS news!
2. Photo decoration!

Good Morning INC

Plan for today:
1. Partner practice for Public Forum debate -- PoFo!!!! 
2. CNN news

Salutations stupendous students of mine~

Planner reminder:  Start on Literature Wheel practice handout DUE MONDAY

~~ if you need to check out your book again, please do so. 
           ~~~I do SALUTE you for returning your library books!!

Plan for today:
1. Literature Wheel project explanation
2. Correct "Just Once" questions
3. Start handout
                   -- complete  3 main events, favorite passage, main character, setting FOR MONDAY

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