Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Wednesday, 9th September

Good Morning!

Today we are going to the library for Library Orientation with Mr. Pryor.

 --  please paste your "I AM" poster to black paper.
 --  Turn in your syllabus and ipad pledge if you haven't already done so.

Wait at a table afterwards.
You will drop off all materials at your locker on the way to the library.

Welcome Debaters! 

Greet your new table mates while I take roll.

Plan for today:
1. News homework
2. Debate vocabulary
3. Group case building

Welcome LA students!  

Greet your new tablemates while I take roll.

Plan for today:

1. Binder set-up 
2. Daily writing
3. Letter to teacher

Daily Writing:
This is not graded for spelling or grammar. It is graded for effort - Please follow directions : )

What is a memory from summer break that is vivid in your mind. Describe it using sounds/tastes/smells/touch/sight

Write a minimum of 6 lines.

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