Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday, 17th of November, 2015

Planner reminder: What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?  ???   

Mine is ..... STUFFING - what is in that stuff, anyways ??

Plan for today:

1. Announcements / Attendance
2. Computer lab for Power school check-in


Plan for today:
1. Finish survey
2. Create posters for results 

Language Arts   Goal: We are learning how to use commas when we write.

Planner reminder: Two days until all L.A. assignments are DUE (Thursday)

Plan for today:
1. Hold up! It's Grammar Time
2. Daily Writing
3. Mad Libs

Daily Writing:

It's freezing outside! 

Write a story containing these five words:

Freezing,           slippery,              tick-tock!                 fold

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