Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday, 4th of December, 2015

Hey! I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plan for today:
1. Attendance / Announcements
2. CNN news
3. Weekend plans?

Plan for today:
1. Controversial topic check-in
2. Lab time. If you are finished researching, you will type up your reasons so that they are easy to read when you are debating

Language Arts

Planner reminder:  No homework UNLESS you have NOT finished one of the (now late) assignments : IR #2 or Perspective Poem.

Plan for today:
1. Hand back papers / students who changed CORES: move hanging folders to current CORE bin.
2. Sub feedback? How did it go? Anything I need to be aware of?
3. Word parts (Greek/Latin roots) handout #6
4. Daily writing

Tell this story.... are you the hitchhiker? Or the person picking her up? What will you talk about? Or maybe no cars come by....
at least six lines, please...

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