Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday, December 11th, 2015

1. Attendance / Announcements
   ---   Monday we go see OSF performance during Homeroom and INC
2. The Wizard of Oz
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1. Elections 2016
2. Fishbowl Friday!

Language Arts

Planner reminder: Last weekend to read your book!! 
1. Read IR book (unless you finished it)
2. Parental interview about Hamlet

Announcement: all missing assignments turn to ZEROS after today. Finish them this weekend! Better late than never!

Plan for today:
1. Correct quizlettes
2. Hamlet lesson
3. Daily writing (if time permits it)

Daily writing: 

Pick one of these titles for which to write a story (fiction or non-fiction - memory from your life?). 

Hurrah for Buttons,    The Adventures of the Surgeon,    A Raisin in the Sun,    Cacaphony

FYI: One of these titles is real... Can you guess which one?

Image result for the lion king hamlet

What doe this mean to you?

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