Sunday, January 10, 2016

Monday, 11th of January


Plan for today:
1. Attendance / Announcements 
2. What did you do this weekend?
3. SSR (Sit down! Silence yourselves! Read!)


Plan for today:
1. Confederate Flag finish up!
2. Pet Peeve speech intro

Language Arts
Planner reminder: Finish flashcards

Plan for today:
1. Greek Creation myth finish up
2. Everyday life references
3. Test hand back - Bump It Up possibility
4. Flash card creation

Bump up one point if you got 17 or below: EXAMPLE:    17 / 20  becomes 18 / 20

1. Correct your spelling errors 
2. Find EIGHT words to correct 
3. Write them EIGHT times each in a Spelling Scribble:

Here's an easy way for students to practice their spelling words. Have them draw a big scribble on their page - remind them to leave big spaces in their scribble! Using coloured pencils, they can then fill the spaces with their words.:

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