Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Continue on Anti-Gambling illustrations!

How can gambling become unhealthy?

- Loss of money - temptation to bet large amounts gets stronger and stronger
- IsolationFeeling like a "loner" - especially online gambling!
- Stress / Anxiousness about losing = anger and frustration towards family and friends who have nothing to do with the gambling!

Illustration ideas:

Anti-gambling superhero?
Positive activities to do instead of gambling 
Kids playing Go FISH - HEALTHY game!
Example of Healthy Competition: Basketball/Volleyball/Track
Kings / Queens / Jacks saying "No Gambling"

Planner reminder: Spelling handout

Plan for today:
1. Easy CBM directions (stay in your seats for this!)
2. Computer lab 37 for EasyCBM testing
3.  Crossword puzzle completion / Reading IR book

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