Thursday, March 31, 2016


wear your sunglasses! It's going to be hot and sunny!WAMS / CNN News 


When you come in, grab your spiral notebook and write down FIVE more observations on your Venn Diagram. 
Plan for today:
1.Metropolis quick-look!
2. Finish "The Kid"

Next week: First animation and documentary ever made!!


First science fiction movie - Dystopian society

Utopian City above a bleak "underworld" filled with mistreated workers who serve the Utopian citizens.     Sound familiar?????

Influenced Nineteen Eight-four by George Orwell and what else....

Metropolis beginning:

The worker children see their rulers 

The underworld

The workers revolt!

Planner reminder: Wear your sunglasses! It's going to be hot and sunny : o )

Plan for today:
1. Hand back papers - keep author bio worksheets for stoplight
2. Spelling test
3. Stoplight paragraph 

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