Thursday, April 14, 2016


Happy Friday!

Plan for today:
1. Announcements and poem then girls go to Pinder's for a talk about ROS cabin groups
2. CNN News
3. Spring WAMS! (if time)

Presentations today! Movie star born FIRST goes FIRST !! Can you figure out who it is?

Planner reminder:  Final 3 events - find in IR book - record on green chart

Plan for today:
1. Review of Timeline plan for next week
--- change in requirements - it was too easy! so....
2. LAST DAY of Smarter Balance testing
 - bring your BIO book / timeline chart
 Fiction book !!

Heads up -- THE ONE DETAIL about each date on timeline CANNOT just be the date.

It must be WHY the event matters. What is its importance to us?
Mastery must include an additional detail.

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