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Gone With the Wind   1937

 Adapted from the book by Margaret Mitchell.

This story follows the love story between Scarlett O'Hara, the daughter of a wealthy plantation owner, and Rhett Butler, the son of another rich southern family. 

 Scarlett O'Hara 
(Vivian Leigh)                     Rhett Butler (Clark                                                                       Gable).

Setting: In the state of Georgia during the Civil War 1861 - 64 
Theme:  The South's struggle to free itself from the Union (North) and to keep slavery.

It shows us why Southerners would go to war with the North = >   in order to protect a way of life that accepted slavery.

Way of life =
Wealthy plantation owners
slaves (servants, field workers, and nannies who worked for free).

These stereotypes are the characters in Gone With The Wind.

Gone With the Wind was famous for:

- Showing the obvious stereotypes of social inequality in the South
- More colors than ever before
- Longest film (4 hours )
- Most expensive film (4 million dollars!)
- First Black actress to win an Academy Award (Hattie McDaniel - "Mammy" character)

Scarlet = daughter of a rich plantation owner

Getting ready for the party = meeting of many rich Southern families

Scarlet sees Rhett for the first time - finds out about his "reputation"

Scarlet loves Ashley.... However....

The Conflict !!! 

The Civil War           25 /26

The most famous scene!     How is this a surprise twist?

The Making of Gone With the Wind critique

Vivian Leigh and Hattie McDaniel accepting their Oscars!


Planner reminder:   Type up your final draft of Life Lesson essay (then you have a free weekend!)

Plan for today:
1. Finish rough draft of life lesson essay (only a few people need to do this...)
2. Timelines 
       No "stop socializing, please" warnings today - You will be moved. This is your warning!

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