Friday, April 22, 2016


All students who need to finish Smarter Balance testing for Language Arts, please go to computer lab 203 AFTER announcements. Don't forget to get your SSID card from me, if you need it!

Plan for today:
1. Announcements
2. WAMS from Friday!
3. CNN news (if time!)

Gone With The Wind

The most famous scene!   

 How is this a surprise twist?

Vivien Leigh's experience in the movie production

The Making of Gone With the Wind critique

Vivian Leigh accepting her Oscar!

Hattie ("Mammy") winning her Oscar

Planner reminder: Pack a book (or two!) for 

Quiet Time 

at ROS!!

Plan for today: 

1. Timeline Gallery
2. Earth Day activity (better late than never!)
3. Return IR Bio book / Check out book for ROS
4. Finding Nemo (reward! yay!)

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