Monday, September 5, 2016


Terrific! It's Tuesday!

Plan for the day

1. Announcement / attendance
2. Library tour!

The Art of Film:

Plan for today:

1. "What are we going to do in INC?"
2. Notebook collages

Invention -------------- today!

take notes  -- > look for the red!

watch film clips
 director choices 
impact of stories


Have fun watching films!

Planner reminder: Finish ILAN page numbers

Plan for the day:
1. Basic Bio
2. Library Tour
3. ILAN set-up
4. Out of My Mind introduction

Basic Bio[graphy] activity directions:

When we have a mystery quote author, we will begin class with the BASIC BIO activity
We will all paste the Basic Bio questions in our Daily Writing notebooks so you ALWAYS have them ready to go! Record your answers in the Daily Writing notebook on the next available page.
You will have five basic questions to answer. 
See if you can find the answers from others in the room - collaborate to complete it! 
Completed Basic Bios get a sticker! 

Today, we will do this together

1. Name:
2. Date of Birth
3. Date of death (if dead!)
4. This author is famous today because....
5. Another published work by this author is....

What role do words play in our lives?

How do we prefer words? written, spoken...... what else? Why do we prefer them that way?

If you could not talk or hardly move your body, how would you communicate your words?

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