Friday, September 30, 2016


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1900 - 1920 Travelogue films - Moscow Clad in Snow (1908)

1911 With Our King and Queen through India -- first "kinemacolor" film - Invented by Charles Urban

1920s -- Documentaries became more "idealistic" through Romanticism - a movement to glorify nature, the human condition, unstructured life (sound familiar -- Impressionism was a part of Romanticism!)

Example: First full-feature documentary: Nanook of the North (1922) by Robert J. Flaherty

Heavily staged for "true man vs. nature" -- 

-- He had his subjects shoot a walrus with a harpoon instead of a nearby shotgun

-- He built igloos whereas many of them lived in constructed westernized cabins.

Beginning of Nanook of the North

Image result for book talkPlanner reminder: Final draft of Out of My Mind project (due Monday)

Plan for today:
1. Planner stamping, hand back green grammar packets
2. Ashland Public Library book presentation in Ms. Werthaiser's room (Cascade Hall)

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