Monday, October 17, 2016


Image result for positive quotesPlan for today: NEW SEATS
1. Attendance / Announcements - picture retakes today!

2. Powerschool check - in the library lab


KING KONG - 1933

Starring Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong, and Bruce Caboot

King KONG is a pop-culture icon / modern myth (does he really exist....?)

Inspired cartoons, comic books, films, short stories, etc.


Energizer Battery commercial

"Advanced" special effects:


Multiple King Kongs with mechanical mouths, eyes, and even eyelashes! They used rabbit fur for his hair.

King Kong's roar was a lion's and a tiger's roar combined and run backwards but more slowly.

So far...

Actress Ann Darrow (Fay Wray) and director Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong) travel to the Indian Ocean to do location shoots for Denham's new jungle picture. Along the way, the actress meets and falls for rugged First Mate John Driscoll (Bruce Cabot). Upon arriving at a mysterious island, Ann is taken hostage by natives who prepare her as a sacrifice to the enormous ape Kong who rules over their jungle. But when Ann is rescued and Kong is captured, the real trouble begins.

NEW SEATS TODAY - after planner stamping Planner reminder: Read IR book - 20 minutes 
Bring your IR book to class tomorrow

Purple grammar packet is DUE - please turn it in.

Get out your Daily Writing notebook, please.

Plan for today:
1. Daily Writing
2. Textbook - "Dragon, Dragon"

Daily Writing
Las Meninas - Diego Velázquez

Choose a person in this painting. Tell us what is happening from their perspective.

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