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Disney movies of the 30s and 40s

From its first hand-painted films to today's computer-generated Pixar wonders, Disney has ruled the field of animation. 

While films animated by computer may be intensely beautiful and mind-bogglingly complex, there will never again be anything quite like the first Disney animated children's classics, lovingly drawn and painstaking assembled, hand drawn picture by picture.

 Snow White was the first full-length animated feature, and it became a monster hit. 

Glowing with color and filled with sumptuous 1930s visual detail, the movie also boasted catchy tunes and unforgettable characters in a classic folk tale (setting the Disney pattern for years to come). 

Pinocchio - Disney
Pinocchio. Disney

2.  'Pinocchio’ - 1940 

 The good guys are adorable, 
the bad guys are comically truly evil. 

Nature - in the form of Monstro the Whale - is beautiful and terrifying. 

A tremendous hit, with exquisitely detailed art. (Gepetto's carved mechanical clocks are amazing.) 

The movie was so influential that its characters, dialogue and creativity are embedded in the national consciousness. 

Fantasia - Disney
Fantasia. Disney

3.  ‘Fantasia’ - 1940

Disney’s third animated feature was an experimental effort to popularize classical music.

 The hugely expensive film did not at first make money. 

 Fantasia is a series of eight choreographed classic compositions, including Mickey Mouse as the ‘Sorcerer's Apprentice, and those graceful hippos in tutus in the ‘Dance of the Hours.’

What do you remember?

Dumbo - Disney
Dumbo. Disney

4.  'Dumbo' - 1941

Dumbo was intended to make up for the losses of Fantasia

 To re-establish Disney’s role as the provider of sweet, sentimental animated films for children. It worked. 

It was based not on a fairy tale but instead a popular children’s book.

 Dumbo is the tale of a circus elephant baby with gigantic ears, laughed at by the other elephants but loved by his mother. When his mother gets angry at cruel children taunting her baby, she’s locked away from him, and Dumbo gets the most humiliating jobs in the circus -- until he and his friend Timothy Mouse discover that his huge ears allow him to fly.

Bambi - Disney
Bambi. Disney

5.  ‘Bambi’ - 1943 

The last of the truly great early Disney animated films, Bambi is the story of a fawn growing to adulthood amid the dangers and joys of the forest, haunted by an unseen villain: man. 

Disney directed Bambi's animators to base their characters on real animals.

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