Monday, October 31, 2016


Happy NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!! 

1. Attendance / Announcements
Image result for day after halloween2. Library visit

Art of Film

1950s Animation

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Television had to be quickly produced so.... it was cheaply made.

"Limited animation" = reused drawings and simplified actions. The dialogue moves the story forward rather than the action.

"Limited animation" explanation

5 Types of Animation

As you watch, name the 5 types in your notes!

"Traditional animation" = unique sequence of drawings for each different action.
Example: The Jungle Book

And now... we get to watch The Pink Panther !!  What kind of animation is used ??

Planner reminder: Finish rough drafts of written sections (flyleaves, back cover)

Image result for day after halloweenPlan for today:

1. Review expectations : 
- Examples
- "Because"
- ANyThiNg ELsE??

2. Individual work time

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