Monday, November 14, 2016


Homeroom kiddos:

We will go to the STUDENT LOUNGE after announcements! : - )

The Art of Film

Television was continuing to take over viewers! So film producers became more desperate - directors were younger - more "hip" - they knew what the "young crowd" wanted to see!

By the mid 70s, 75% of all movie-goers were under 30 years old!

New inventions in Cinema:

- 3 D films - but they were poorly produced.

Almost all films were now in color (Technicolor)

The SteadiCam was invented 

Example: Return of the Jedi - Star Wars Trilogy

-- Filmed in the Redwoods National Park!!

Planner reminder: Math homework : - )

When you are done with your planner, leave it out for me to stamp, also get out your answers to "Lamb to the Slaughter" questions (for me to check) and begin reading silently.

Plan for the day:

1. Read (while I check "LTTS" answers)
2. Hermoine in the Subway!!
3. "All Summer in a Day"

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