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Image result for readingEveryone else - Silent, Sustained Reading .... (SSR)

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~ Creative Thinking ~

1. Michelangelo film
2. Maps!

Planner reminder: Read IR book - 20 minutes

Image result for old truckAfter you have written in your planner, get out your ILAN and label today's lesson - check the "Table of Contents" poster upfront!

Plan for today:
1. Paragraph 

2. Daily Writing
3. Hand back papers / grammar review

the teacher loked at her students writing. the boy billy was his name had written his ansers with sew many speling mistakes that the teacher ms. street coudnt read it. she wanted to encourage billy to write and feel good about it. however, she also needed to correct billys mistakes. if she did, he might be sad and not want to wright anymore. what should she do?

20 mistakes - can you find them all???

Create a story beginning with the sentence: 

"From the back of the truck..."

You must write at least half a page.....

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