Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Happy Tuesday
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Plan for today:
1. Clean out lockers!
2. Silent Reading / homework ?

~ Creative Thinkers ~ 

Image result for william shakespeare1. William Shakespeare documentary
2. W. S. graphic organizerrrrrr

Planner reminder: Finish purple grammar packet - Due tomorrow

Image result for yogaAfter writing in your planner, finish your 15 abstract noun sentences, please.

Plan for today:
1. Finish abstract noun sentences (purple grammar packet)
2. Yoga! 
3. Daily Writing
4. Finish purple grammar packet / homework folders

Describe a significant person you know (neighbor, coach, teacher, mentor, sibling) with as many physical details as possible. 
     Imagine you are describing them to someone who has never met them.... what are their most striking features... unique details.... 

at least 6 sentences, please.

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