Monday, February 6, 2017


Plan for the day:

1. Attendance / Announcements
2. Silent Reading time - If you have finished your IR book, I will allow TWO students to go down to the library at a time to check out another book.

~ Creative Thinking ~ 

1. Read aloud of Romeo and Juliet

Planner reminder: Make flashcards of spelling words - DUE tomorrow

When you are done writing in your planner, make sure you have your BLUE Poetry booklet and your Daily Writing notebook! NO LOCKER TRIPS TODAY

1. Spelling 
2. Daily Writing
3. Naomi Shihab Nye poems

Write a letter to a person (Mayor Stromberg? the City Council? The Ashland Daily Tidings) about a proposal you have for something to be added to our town (Bigger skate park? Homeless Shelter? In-N-Out? Expanded Mt. Ashland?).
Try to give three reasons and explain why each one matters!

We might debate these at the end of class so make sure your reasons are convincing!

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