Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Working Wednesday

1. Announcements
2. Working Wednesday! Others go to Middle Gym with Mr. Carstensen ~ or ~ stay and read your IR book!

~ Creative Thinking ~ 

1. Romeo and Juliet read aloud in circle
2. Scenes in groups
 - practice Wednesday, Thursday, 
 - perform Friday.

Planner reminder: Study flashcards / read IR book

When you have written in your planner, open your ILAN, write "Screenagers" as the title for the next lesson.

Plan for the day:
1. Screenagers discussion
2. IR project directions

Quick-Write in your ILAN: Choose a question:

1. What scenes or moments stand out in your mind as significant? Why?

2. What did you learn from this film?

3. What part(s) seemed similar to your life?

1. each group gets paper and writes question on paper. 
2. Brainstorm answers - write on paper.

We will discuss questions as a class afterwards.
1. Each group will ask their question and call on people to share answers.
2. As people share, group members can write more on the paper.

All together again: IN your ILAN....

-      What are some talents, activities, dreams you want to “master” or get better at that are not on a device? 

- How much time during your week do you spend playing video games or other online activities (like snapchat, tumblr, fb, etc.)

1. hours per week day?  x 5....

2. hours per weekend day? x 2.... 

3. Add them together!

Boy addicted to gaming in film says,
“One of my regrets is the fact that I’ve been playing music for 12 years and I never reached my potential. 
I was gaming the whole time I could have been mastering something, reading, or exploring things. 
I would be way above where I am now.” 

1. Could you take some of your screen time and put it towards your other interests?

2. Write down at least two ways you can! 

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