Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Plan for the day:

1. Attendance / Announcements
2. Library visit - read? DO NOT return IR books

~ Creative Thinking ~ 

-  Begin Four Fun Facts illustrations

1. Choose your two favorite creative thinkers (Michelangelo? Shakespeare? etc.) 

2. Choose four fun facts about each to illustrate

3. Write each fact in each text box

4. Illustrate each one in the picture box

We will do this Thurs and Friday - Due on Monday.

Planner reminder: Study spelling flashcards

When you are done writing in your planner, get out your daily writing notebook.

Plan for today:
1. Daily writing
2. Rough draft editing
3. Envelope explanatory paragraphs

Image result for christmas story snowsuit 
This is the main character of your story. What happened on

 this snowy day?


Should AMS allow students to bring sleds to use during 

lunchtime when it snows?  

Yes or No and give reasons / examples for evidence

Please write at least six sentences. 

You should be writing the whole time we are quiet.

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