Monday, April 3, 2017


Plan for today:

1. Attendance / Announcements
2. Digital Media continuation.......
3. SSR (Silent, Sustained Reading)

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~ Creative Thinking~

Plan for today:

1. Leonardo Da Vinci Graphic Organizer

2. Leonardo Da Vinci Jeopardy!

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Planner reminder: Study flashcards / read "Freeferall" IR book

When you are done writing in your planner, get out your flashcards and quiz your neighbor!

Plan for today:
1. Finish "Eleven" handout
2. Daily Writing 
3. CREVEX paragraph about "Freeferall" book

The Singing Butler, by Jack Vettriano
Image result for beach famous painting
Tell the story behind this painting from one character's perspective by using IMAGERY!

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