Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Thursday, October 14th, 2015

Good Morning!

Planner reminder: Tomorrow is our field trip to Hobart Bluff!
 Tonight you need to make sure you bring: 
    - hiking shoes (sturdy tennis shoes or outdoor shoes meant for hiking)
     - something for warmth  --Thin coat or zip-up heavy fleece or jacket    
    - water bottle
   - Lunch (unless you are getting one from school)
  - Sunscreen or hat with a rim to shade your face (baseball cap? cowboy hat?)
  - Camera? (optional)
  - backpack to carry sunscreen, jacket, and lunch.

Plan for today:
- Checkers / Chess / Drawing / Homework  -  you choose


Plan for today:
1. Finish article notes - share out
2. INC project? Roll Call? Letter to the editor? 
3. CNN news / Ted talks!

Language Arts

Planner reminder: Fill out IR book handout #1

Plan for today:
1. Binder readjustment
2. Hand back graded papers (Lit wheels will be graded this weekend!)
3. All Summer in a Day
4. Check out books 

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