Sunday, January 3, 2016

January 4th, 2016

Language Arts:

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Welcome back!!
Take a seat anywhere
It's 2016 - wowza!!

Plan for today:
1. New seating arrangements
2. Photo decoration activity - draw / decorate / discuss what happened over winter break!


New seating arrangements - take a seat anywhere for now

Plan for today:
1. Winter break BREAKING NEWS ??? 
What happened all over the world during our winter break? 
2. Magazine reading and activity packet

Grab a piece of paper - answer this question: 
What is a goal for SUCCESS in school this spring? Goal: __???__

Planner reminder: Finish "Classics book" by Thursday (Written test on Thursday!)
** Bring book to class all week

Plan for today:
1. New seating arrangements 
2. Daily Writing
3. SSR - Silent Sustained Reading (if you finished your book - extra credit assignment -or- read your choice of book / magazine)

Daily Writing:

Tell the story of your favorite / worst / weirdest / funniest activity you did this break!  
Write a poem about it!

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