Tuesday, March 15, 2016

03/ 15/ 2016

Plan for today:

1. Announcements
2. CNN News x 2 (Monday and Tuesday - yay!)

Today we go to the Schneider Museum to see their exhibit, Exploring Reality
In the classroom:
1. Run-down of the plan
2. Overview of Museum behavior
3. Introduction powerpoint
4. Booklet decoration
Walk to the Museum at 10:10
Museum tour and Scavenger hunt
Walk back to AMS at 11:30
After lunch, come back for reflection activities : o )

What pieces were your favorite and why? 

What do you think these artists were inspired by? 

Please answer by writing 2 to 5 sentences for each question:
1. If you were an artist creating a piece of work for this Exploring Reality exhibit, what would you create?
2. How would your piece explore reality?
3. Would your piece tell a story? Send a message? both? Describe the intention of your piece.

When you are finished you have two options:
1. Create a pastel brushed drawing like the resin/ballpoint pen pieces
2. Create a mosaic - use a ruler to create a grid, or use graph paper, then create a design by filling in the squares with color!

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