Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Workin' Wednesdays!

First = Attendance / Announcements
Second = Funny video!
Third = 
Option A: Workin' Wednesday : If you need missing / late work from Ms. Pinder or Ms. Harper, you can go get it and WORK on it now!
Option B: Silent Sustained Reading OR Writing (your Daily Writing stories?)

Animation Continued:


The creation of Disneyland

The first kids to visit Disneyland

Present Day animation.......

Finding Nemo

Language Arts:  Stamp and file your spelling homework

Planner reminder: Spelling heart

Plan for today: 
1. Hand back papers
2. Timeline project introduction 
3. Daily Writing (newbie!)

Choose 3 numbers from 1 - 5 - write them down.

First number: Character
1. A forest gnome  2. A photographer 3. a high school student  4. YOU!  5. an alien from outer-space

Second number: Setting

1. the Grand Canyon 2. a beach with high cliffs 3. a costume party. 4. a school playground 5. a high school cafeteria during lunch

Third number: Conflict

1. an important decision has to be made 2. a secret needs to be confessed to someone 3. someone's pride has been hurt - you want to help 4. You have come upon a crime scene 5. You have come upon a baby with a note saying "help me"

Start the story..... at least 6 lines... You must be writing the whole time.... 

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