Sunday, May 8, 2016


I'm baaaaaaack!

Plan for today:
1. Attendance / Announcements
Image result for happy monday!2. A Stress and The Best!

Art of Film in the 50s

Television was becoming more popular and affordable for families to have in their homes

Movies had competition!

SO they became:

Bigger (larger sets / action-packed stories)
examples: Westerns - Cowboy and Indian "shootouts"
Science-fiction - Apocalyptic worlds, Alien invasions,
Horror thrillers - Alfred Hitchcock psychological fear, 
Musicals - based on plays (Guys and Dolls was one!)

Iconic movie stars of this time:

Marilyn Monroe

, Grace Kelly,

 Marlon Brando, 

James Dean,
Clark Gable, 

Audrey Hepburn 

Planner reminder: Spelling Flash cards - must be at least 2 inches by 2 inches

Plan for today:
Image result for happy monday!1. Daily Writing book project
2. EZ CBM test - last one
3. Start typing first Daily Writing completed story

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