Monday, May 9, 2016


Library Day

Tuesday Market !! Get money and a warm jacket / sweater if you think you will need it!

Planner reminder: Spelling sentences - See pink handout for directions

Plan for today: 
1. Daily Writing book project directions and rubric
2. Superman

Superman "What is a hero?

What are the differences between hero / superhero

Your favorite superheroes? Mythological heroes?

Character traits

common themes of heroic mythology.
  • a) Abandonment: Hero is cast away in a small "box" or "boat" across a great "sea" from family due to tragic circumstances.

  • b) Fate/Destiny: Hero grows up ignorant of identity but learns of true origin.

  • c) Savior: Hero faces incredible odds to become the unlikely savior.


1. Hero has imposing stature (physical as well as social stature)
2. Hero's style is grand, yet simple
3. The story setting is vast
4. Hero has super-human courage and strength
5. Hero faces supernatural forces.

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