Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Homeroom - Chalk art - outside on bus ramp sidewalk!

The Art of Film 
1.  1970s notes finish .... Please get your notebooks ready!

2. Heidi (1937) continue movie (filling out Camera Technique handout)

The SteadiCam was invented 

Film Technology Innovation

Steadicam is a camera that mechanically isolates itself from the operator's movement.
It allows for a smooth shot even when moving quickly over an uneven surface. The steadicam was invented by cameraman Garrett Brown and introduced in 1975.

Example: Return of the Jedi - Star Wars Trilogy

-- Filmed in the Redwoods National Park!!

Planner reminder: Study flashcards - Test tomorrow - Last one, BEST one!!

Plan for today: Computer lab 18

1. Easy CBM (super-quick!)
2. Finish stories
3. ** IF you are finished, you will print stories out to turn in and THEN play around with font / additions - bio, table of contents, dedication......  / size / etc. GET CREATIVE!

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