Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Workin' Wednesday! 

Get any homework items you need! If not, then read your IR book.... 

The Art of Film

1. Mary Poppins

2. The 70s in film!

"New Hollywood" or "American New Wave" refers to a time period (late 60s - early 80s) when directors became more involved in the decision-making about their films. 

Before, producers (the $$ providers) had been more "in charge." 

For example: Star Wars trilogy = George Lucas (director)

Television was continuing to take over viewers! So film producers became more desperate - directors were younger - more "hip" - they knew what the "young crowd" wanted to see!

By the mid 70s, 75% of all movie-goers were under 30 years old!

New inventions in Cinema:

- 3 D films - but they were poorly produced.

- Almost all films were now in color (Technicolor)

- The SteadiCam was invented

Example: Return of the Jedi - Star Wars Trilogy
-- Filmed in the Redwoods National Park!!

Planner reminder: Spelling homework - check directions for specifics

Plan for today: Final Draft writing in Library computer Lab / Lab 103 (core 3)

** IF you are finished, you will print stories out to turn in and THEN play around with font / additions - bio, table of contents, dedication......  / size / etc.

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