Thursday, June 2, 2016


Final Friday !! (this time next week you will be done on Summer Break!)

Plan for today:
1. Attendance / Announcements
Image result for summer break2. CNN News / WAMS

Plan for Art of Film:

Turn in your HEIDI worksheet

1. Fascinating facts about E.T. - get your notebooks
2. E.T. with cinematography worksheet

Fascinating Facts about E.T. Extra Terrestrial

E.T.'s voice:

Pat Welsh - a woman who smoked TWO packs of cigarettes a day, did his voice. 

They also used: his wife with a cold, a burp from a producer, otters, horses, and raccoons.

Two little people and a 12-year-old boy played E.T. 

They were able to see out of the costume through slits in his chest.

A mime did the movement of his hands:

3 minute video of hand mime

Mars Incorporated (candy company) refused to let M&Ms be used because "E.T. was too ugly." and would frighten children.
SO The Hershey Company got the chance to let them use Reese's Pieces.

Spielberg had the puppeteers stay away from the child actors when they were filming so that they reacted more authentically to the alien.

When Elliot first encounters the alien, his reaction of jumping back and knocking over the shelves was real - so they kept it in the film.

Drew Barrymore is still famous today:

There are multiple THEMES in E.T. 

Theme = ??

What do YOU think a THEME of E.T. is, so far ??

Being tolerant of others' differences

Planner reminder:  Wear your sunglasses! Finish book cover (?)

Plan for today:
1. Retake week 7 spelling test - everyone will do it - EVERYONE can raise their grade! I will take the HIGHEST of the TWO tests.
2. Book Cover creation! DUE MONDAY
3. Finish Letter to the Future me (if time allows) DUE TUESDAY

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