Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Ian and Eva -- go to complete your EasyCBM testing with Ms. Pinder NOW = )

Plan for today:
1. CNN News
2. Checkers / Chess / Cards

Plan for today:

1. 80s animation notes
2. E.T.

80s animation

~The Renaissance age of animation ~
1980s - 2000

In the EARLY 80s - animation was still "limited animation"  - ??

Cartoons were product - driven

Commercial Example - 1984

Gender separated

Commercial example

These continued until the 90s

Disney produced Duck Tales: and The Goof Troop

Warner Bros was trying to keep up with these other companies! So..........

Steven Spielberg (remember him?) produced Tiny Tunes and Animaniacs

These were successful! So..... He launched the DC ANIMATED UNIVERSE !!!

Which started with Batman: The Animated Series  (1992)

Answer these two questions in your notebook first: 

Are "Saturday morning cartoons" still popular?  Why or Why not ? 

What has changed in our technology - how cartoons / movies / tv shows are presented to us?

Planner reminder: Did you get 15 or below on Friday's spelling test? 
= >YES = YOU WILL RETAKE IT TOMORROW DURING CLASS = Study spelling week 7 words

= >NO = No Homework

Plan for today: 
1. Letter to the future me
a. Fill out columns with details about your life!
b. Use each column for each paragraph (3)

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