Tuesday, September 13, 2016


WOrkin' WeDnEsDaY

Image result for homeworkPlan for today:
1. Attendance / Announcements
2. Working Wednesday for some people - others go to Middle Gym to play games with Mr. C!

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Plan for today: 

1. Alice in Wonderland finish

2. Flip books

Flip Books

1.   Choose either Frankenstein or Alice in Wonderland

2.    Choose one scene from below: 

3.   Alice in Wonderland: 
      a Alice Shrinking / growing
     b.  Diving into the rabbit hole after the White Rabbit

a Frankenstein being created 
b. Frankenstein trying to give Victor Frankenstein a hug

Sketch 5 -10 drawings to recreate the scene as you flip!

Draw final draft on cards - staple/tape together!

Image result for flip books

Image result for to too two
Planner reminder: Finish packet - DUE FRIDAY

Plan for today:
1. Homework all  turned in? 3 vocab words? Letter to Ms. Street? 
2. Return pop quizzes / extra credit
3. Daily Writing
4. To / too / two   
Their / There / They're
5. Analogies

Daily Writing:

In two sentences, describe what JUST happened in the last part you read of Out of My Mind. THEN, continue writing the story, yourself! Pretend that YOU are the author! What happens next... 

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