Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Workin' Wednesday!

Plan for the day:

Image result for reading tumblr1. Attendance / Announcements
2. Some students need to see specific teachers for missing assignments. I will tell you who those people are.
Everyone else can:
1. Stay and read Out of My Mind or do other work.
2. Go to Middle Gym for games with Mr. C!

But first..... Let's listen to those announcements....

Plan for today:

1. Metropolis notes
2. Metropolis clips




First science fiction movie - Dystopian society

Utopian City above a bleak "underworld" filled with mistreated workers who serve the Utopian citizens.     Sound familiar?????

Dystopian Society: A futuristic, imagined community controlled by the government so strongly that the citizens are oppressed (no voice, vote)

Influenced Nineteen Eight-four by George Orwell 

and The Hunger Games

Image result for hunger games the capitol

Metropolis beginning:

The worker children see their rulers 

The underworld

The workers revolt! 

Planner reminder: Read Out of My Mind - 20 minutes

Shall we just read today?

Image result for reading tumblr

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