Monday, September 19, 2016


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Bus Safety tour today!

But first..... Let's listen to those announcements....

When you come in, grab your spiral notebook and write down 3 reasons WHY you believe Charlie Chaplin is still so famous today. 

But remember:
Image result for metropolis movie       "He's funny" is not enough of a reason. 
You can say "He's funny because...." and give a convincing reason - evidence!!!

Plan for today:
1. Metropolis 
2. Finish "The Kid"


First science fiction movie - Dystopian society

Utopian City above a bleak "underworld" filled with mistreated workers who serve the Utopian citizens.     Sound familiar?????

Influenced Nineteen Eight-four by George Orwell and what else....

Here's a hint....

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Metropolis beginning:

The worker children see their rulers 

The underworld

The workers revolt! 

Planner reminder: Read Out of My Mind - 20


When you have written in your planner, get

 out your Out of My Mind packet - work on

 page 3.

Plan for today:


2. Antonym / Synonym mini-lesson

3. Grammar packet #2

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