Monday, November 21, 2016



Plan for the day:

1. Attendance / Announcements

Art of Film: 

We are going to the Farmer's Market! You need: a warm jacket or a long-sleeve sweater!!

Planner reminder: READ READ READ  

When you are done writing in your planner, get out your Daily Writing notebook and label it with this title:  Tent in the Sky

Plan for the day:
1. Daily Writing
Image result for jesse eisenberg2. "All Summer in a Day" question check / Author biography
3. Jesse Eisenberg's short story
4. Catchphrase (if time) ? 

Image result for tent treehouse
Describe what happened before, during, or after this photo was taken. Who is this person? What are they thinking? Discussing? Dreaming about? 
Remember to include sounds, descriptive images, smells,...

Please write at least 6 lines.

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