Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Welcome back! No INC today!

Image result for stuffing memeI hope your break was STUFFED with fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plan for today:

8:40 Attendance / Announcements
8:45 OSF performance - large gym
9:30 till 10:00  hand out schedules 

Image result for mind ful illustrationWelcome to       ~ Creative Thinking ~

Wait, What? This is a NEW INC CLASS - YOU are the FIRST people to EVER take it!!!!! CoOL!!!

Plan for today:
1. Daily Plan
2. Notebooks
3. Activity #1

Planner reminder: Read your IR book
Image result for diary
Plan for today:
1. Daily Writing

2. Library visit - check out another book and/or read..................

Dear Diary.... 

Tell us how your Thanksgiving day was for you... Not only what happened, but what made you happy / sad / frustrated? Excited? 

Write this as if you were writing to a good friend and trying to "paint a picture" for them of your Thanksgiving experience. 

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