Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Working Wednesday

Plan for the day:
Image result for I missed you1. Attendance / Announcements
2. Study time! Those of you who are called elsewhere, you will go and others will remain in class and either read their IR books or do work from other classes independently and quietly.

~ Creative Thinking~ 

Image result for age of explorationPlan for the day:

1. Finish WANTED / HERO posters, if necessary - DUE TODAY
2. Continue working on textbook packet (green)

Planner reminder: STUDY spelling flashcards

After you have written in your planner, get your flashcards out so I can CHECK them and quiz a partner near you!

Plan for the day:
Image result for perseus1. Hand back work
2. Review READING CHECK for Perseus's Story
3. Finish Textbook questions (blue handout) and story - in you Daily Writing notebook if you haven't already started it in your ILAN.
4. Read IR book if finished early - gather vocabulary using your bookmark!

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