Thursday, September 15, 2016


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Plan for today: POPCORN PARTY IS POSTPONED till next Friday - Stacey had her TOENAIL removed so she isn't here to do it.

Plan for today: 1. Attendance / Announcements
2. Team photo ? If not - WAMS
3. WAMS 

Plan for today:

1. Charlie Chaplin biographyImage result for charlie chaplin
2. Privilege of watching films heads-up
3. "The Kid" 

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NEW SEATS - CHECK THE CHART Planner reminder: Finish vocabulary chart (we did half of it in class yesterday)
--- > Continue working on it when you finish writing in your planner

Plan for today:
1. Out of my Mind check-in
2. Grammar packet Trade and Grade
3. Handwriting goalzzzzz

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Handwriting = 

print AND cursive 

Why is handwriting important?

1. It's a basic tool - we use it when we do classwork, write notes , fill out documents, take tests, etc. A.K.A. ALL THE TIME!

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2. If your hand (and mind) are stressed about the writing, you can't give as much mental energy to the other parts - your ideas, organization, and enjoyment!

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3. If you dread or hate writing, you won't want to write - therefore won't practice it - therefore writing won't improve. 
                    It's a vicious cycle of pain and no gain! 

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BUT THERE IS HOPE!Image result for hope

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4. The more you write, the more you pay attention (and learn) spelling skills and reading skills. 



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Why cursive?

It dramatically improves your hand-eye coordination. This is good for typing, throwing/catching balls, creating / drawing - anything where you use your hands!

You will be able to READ cursive. For example, most older documents (many you must read in college!) are in cursive. 

It's faster! When you don't have to lift your hand off the page, you write faster!

Example of my handwriting (and goal) on September 16th, 2016:

Image result for fist powerI will improve my handwriting by the end of this year. This will make writing easier and more fun for the rest of my life! I can ONLY improve and I will NOW!

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