Sunday, September 18, 2016


It's Monday FUNDAY!

Plan for today: 
Image result for unstoppable t rex1. Attendance / Announcements
2. Board games - twister - puzzles

Image result for charlie chaplin
Plan for today;
1. Charlie Chaplin Jeopardy
2. The Kid (last day)

Get out your notebook and start this activity below:

Directions: Create 3 questions ( and their correct answers ) about Charlie Chaplin that could be on a quiz. Use your five facts from Friday for accurate information.

Example: (now you can't use this one - too easy!)
Question: In what year and where was Charlie Chaplin born? 

Answer: 1889, England.

Planner reminder: Keep reading Out of My Mind - finish by 26th of September (next Monday)
 Once you've written in your planner get a handwriting handout and start it

Image result for hold pencil correctlyPlan for today:
1. Handwriting practice
2. Out of My Mind
2. Grammar packet 

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